2024 International Conference on Intelligent Perception and Pattern Recognition (IPPR 2024)

Call For Papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Track 1: Intelligent Perception Technologies
Deep Learning in Image and Video Perception
Multimodal Data Fusion and Sensing
Sensor Networks and Environment Sensing
Biometrics and Intelligent Sensing
Vision and Perception Systems for Intelligent Robots
Natural Language Processing and Perception Mechanisms
Intelligent Perception in Autonomous Driving
Perception and Intelligent Decision Making in Internet of Things (IoT)

Track 2: Pattern Recognition and Applications
Pattern recognition algorithms in computer vision
The role of machine learning in data analysis and interpretation
Deep Learning in Speech and Gesture Recognition
Unsupervised learning and clustering techniques
Reinforcement learning in intelligent systems
Cross-disciplinary pattern recognition research

Behavior Recognition in Intelligent Surveillance Systems